Welcome to Pre-School

Each room is made up of a team of practitioners lead by a head of room. For the continuity of care for our children and to ensure good parent partnerships and relationships our staff teams are permanently based in their own rooms. We have a nursery team of separate support staff available to cover holidays, training and sickness so that agencies are never used.

Pre-school caters for children age 3.6 months to 5 years, the ratio for this age group is 1:8

You and your child will be assigned a key person; this is likely to be decided during their first month of joining the room. They will then remain here until they go to school. During this time we will send reports to the school and assist with concerns with their transitions to school.

In Pre-school the children follow the nursery routine, Children arrive to free play activities during the day the letters and sounds and phonic work will be implemented.

Letters and Sounds is a Government scheme created to support children in learning skills for reading and writing, it does this through listening to sounds and being able to define them. The scheme starts with listening skills and sounding out words i.e. C-A-T and then blending together to hear the word CAT.

Pre-school enjoy a range of planned activities and child choice at set times thorough out the day, by this stage most children are in similar routines. Activities offered to the children encourage development in all areas. Children use the outside play area at least twice a day where they can climb, run, use bikes, scooters.

Your key person will plan to support your child with their next stage of development through observations and then using this information to plan activities to enhance their learning and development. Children also have a wide choice of toys and equipment to use throughout the day. The staff will teach the children letters and numbers through play based activities and extending their learning through play.

In Pre-school we enjoy extracurricular activities alongside the daily fun, our Music and Movement Practitioner holds weekly sessions, Little Foot Stars offer some footie fun as well as joining in on the nursery community walks and outings and swimming sessions.

It is well known that in the early years of the child’s development eating habits and tastes are formed for life. At Tootsies your child will be introduced to a wide range of fresh stimulating flavours which will help to establish healthy eating pattern.

Meal and snack times are organised so that they are social occasions in which children and staff participate in small groups. During meals and snack times children are encouraged to use manners and say 'please' and 'thank you'. Children sit in small groups with adult supervision and self-serve their own meal. The full menu has a vegetarian option available; all dietary requirements can be provided for upon request.